Too Little to See

A photo taken during my trip to my fiance’s garden. These little creepy black ants caught my attention crawling from the stalk of this little flower. I hope you the ants I am talking about. This was a macro shot with increase in vibrancy.

Those Creepy Creatures

Science Facts:

Black carpenter ants are known to forage up to 100 yards in search of food. Workers are most active at night, traveling from their nest to a food source following trails. They do establish chemical (pheromone) trails. The ants produce crackling sounds that can often be heard near a large nest. A large colony can have thousands of individuals. The black carpenter ant does not sting, but the larger workers can administer a sharp bite, which can become further irritated by the injection of formic acid, which they produce. Black carpenter ants are fiercely territorial with regard to other ants. Black carpenter ants do not eat or digest wood, but they tunnel through wood, which can cause structural damage. (Wikipedia)



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